A Mighty Sand Giant looking to settle a score with some burglars(The StormBringers) that left his barracks in total chaos.


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Gorodon is a Mighty Sand Giant who currently resides in Droam with a Barracks full of Giant warriors under his control. He is a master of the ancient fighting style known as the Dessert Wind. He left his Barracks for a while on an adventure to Xendric. When he returned his Massive Cave Barracks was turned upside down. Half of his troops were killed and his strange comrade and engineer Gungadin was preaching the word of the Silver Flame. The evidence was clear, The Stormbringers had come through. Gorodon is not a Giant of forgiveness and Gungadin payed for his mistake with his life. Now Gorodon is scouring Eberron in search of these storm Bringers. His rangers led them straight to Olian the great Pine and they watched the adventures creep below his roots. They waited and waited but the Stormbringers never returned (They Plane Shifted). Eventually Gorodon and his hunting party decided that they did not act swift enough and began the hunt again. When they meet next time there will be no hesitation.


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