Icing Death

An ancient white dragon who has recently been awakened


Icing Death!

Old Huge White Dragon
24d12+120 (276)
Str 29
Dex 10
Con 21
Int 12
Wis 13
Cha 12
Base Attack / Grapple 24/41
Attack +31
Fort +19
Ref +14
Will +15
Speed 60 ft., burrow 30 ft. Fly 200 (poor), Swim 60 ft
Init +0
AC 31 (–2 size, +23 natural), Flat Footed 31 Touch 8
DR 10/Magic
SR 21

Full Attack Full Atk 31 melee (3d89, bite), 26 melee (2d64,2 claws), 26 melee (1d84, 2 wings), 26 melee (2d613, tailslap); Space/Reach 15 ft./10 ft. (bite 15 ft.);

Skills / Feats
Bluff +20, Concentration +15, Diplomacy +13,
Hide +0, Intimidate +25, Knowledge (arcana) +18, Knowledge
(nature) +18, Listen +25, Move Silently +20, Search +23, Sense
Motive +11, Spellcraft +25, Spot +25,
Swim +16; Alertness, Cleave,
Flyby Attack, Hover, Improved
Natural Attack
(bite), Power Attack,

Sp Qualities:
- Frightful Presence Will save (23) within 240 ft or become shaken for 4d6 rounds
- Breath Weapon: 50 ft cone of cold 8d6 (27)
-Ice Walking
-Immunity to cold
-Vulnerability to fire,
-Breath Weapon: 50 ft cone of cold 8d6 (27)
-Fog Cloud,
-Gust of Wind,
-Freezing Fog (Sp): An old or older white dragon can use this ability three times per day. It is similar to a solid fog spell but also causes
a rime of slippery ice to form on any surface the fog touches, creating the effect of a grease spell. The dragon is immune to the grease effect because of its ice walking ability. This ability is the equivalent of a 5th-level spell.

-5th Level Sorcerer
0 – (7) Detect poison and magic, read magic
1 – (7) Blood Wind, Fist of Stone
2 – (4) Scintillating scales, Razor Fangs


Icing Death was content with her horde and she slept quietly covered in ice. Even dead asleep a dragon is more alert then a town guard. Something had entered its home.

The adventures creeped in. Ortega Decanto, Master Gen, and the Ferocious Marrow. Master Gen used his stealth to scout ahead. What he found was a sleeping White Dragon.

Icing Death felt the snow crumble lightly away from her and she casually lifted her eyelid until it was aware that something was fleeing her cave. Icing Death Awoke fast and shattered her icy covering and let loose a terrible roar.

“My age must be catching up to me” Master Gen thought as he heard the thunderous roar of the dragon behind him. The party knew this was not going to be a stealth mission any longer and they readied for battle.

Icing Death Came through the cave hard and fast unleashing her Icy breath. Master Gen tumbled out of the way but Ortega got hit full on. Dennith soldiers are resilient and he held his readied spear in place. Master Gen unleashed a fast combination on its underside but only one punch managed to find soft tissue. Ortega’s readied spear skipped off the dragons plate. Marrow had no problem inflicting damage. She looked vaguely of her former self. Her druidic magic gave her the strength of a bear and the horns of a triceratops. She ripped into the scales of the fleeing dragon. The dragon came back again for a second strike. The Dragon Swung without regard knocking Ice and stone from its place. The hits would be devastating but Ortega trains for these encounters. He swiftly and decisively avoided two of its powerful wings. Master Gen was out of reach. Marrow was the prime target and she received a large bite 2 claws and a tail slap. Her rage kept her in combat. Master Gen moved swiftly toward the torn scales and pummeled Icing Death’s muscle tissue. The beating caused the wound to swell quickly allowing an easy target for Ortega’s spear. The spear went deep and the icy walls were painted with scarlet lines. Marrow unaware of the opening Unleashed another furious attack on Icing Deaths Throat. Her inhuman strength tore a major artery and blood poured out rapidly. Icing Death had no idea the strength in such a small creature. Defeated and barely alive she flew out of the cave with the last of her strength. Luckily she was just out of reach of the furious Marrow as she past by and escaped out the cave.

She tended her wounds in a snow drift a few miles away. Her Anger soon took over and The dragon could not fathom the thought of these little adventures making off with her treasure. With only a days rest she went out searching for these adventures at night, hoping to catch them sleeping.

Ortega had been trained in war for a while and knew that a this dragon would seek its revenge soon. Ortega rigged a mock campsite with a tent set up over a hole. and the Party slept in snow drifts.

Sure enough Icing Death found the tent and decided to catch them unawares and come right on top of them. The Dragon came fast with its breath and then its tremendous weight crashed into the tent and into 5 foot hole. Icing death realized her mistake during the decent when she saw movement in the snow around the staged tent, but it was too late. The adventurers came on her fast. Marrow seemed more human but her rage was no less terrifying. Quickly she was dispatched and beheaded. The quiet dragon will slumber no more.

Icing Death

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