A crafty half-elf thief that has a knack for surviving


swordsage 3 Rouge 5

HP: 50 (8 HD)
AC: 21 FF: 17 Touch: 13
Speed: 30 ft
Fort +4 Ref +11 Will +7
Init: +6

Rapier +1 keen
Atk: 13/8 critical 15-20
DMG: D6 + 5 (3d6 sneak attack)
Atk: 10/5
DMG: D6 (3d6 sneak attack)

- Child of Shadow
- Island of Blades
- Drain Vitality
- Shadow Blade Technique
- Shadow Jaunt
- Shadow Garrote
- counter charge

DD +12, Diplomacy +15, GI +15, Hide +15, Jump +13, search +15, Spot +15, Tumble +17


Liza is master manipulator and cat burglar. She truly lives by the motto “No honor among thieves.” She manipulates her father to run an illegal racket of stolen goods. she has talked away out of most situations and if talking does not work than she is quite crafty at escaping. She took on a deal with Miros Xvat to pretend to be a Xendric guide/ bodyguard. In reality she was getting payed nicely and successfully ripped off some ancient artifacts for a large pay out. She had little guilt leaving young adventurers and a bunch of undergrads stranded in Xendric while she escaped with the cash.

She burns money as fast as she makes it. she decided to run a cat burglar operation on Gorodon’s Barracks full of giants. She bit off more than she could chew and was caught. She managed to bargain for her life. Luckily when Gorodon was away the Stormbringers rescued her and she is currently awaiting trial for her crimes.


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