A quick tempered, destructive razor claw shifter. She is a danger to herself and those around her


Druid (Animal Spirit Variant) Frenzied Berserker
Female Razor Claw Shifter
Neutral Evil

Merrow is a complete brute and a horrorshow to see in combat. Her tactics usually surpass the typical methods of the “hunt” but is more like the untempered rage of an animal mother protecting the last of her kin.

6’2" wirey her well defined muscels reflect more like a healthy animal without an ounce of fat on it. A perfect killing machine. She has long dark hair that is actually well kept, a contrast to the rest of her bestial dress and mannerisms. Its difficult for any of the the team members to understand where she comes from. She respects that Ortega and Wallok give her space and don’t question her actions but this respect is completely fostered through fear.Her love for nature is strong. However since the death of Olian she has been quite uneasy as if the slightest drifting snow flake could send her into a hell bent fury of murder. Wallok’s guess is that she may have a grudge toward civilization who have forced the burdens of eberron upon its care takers while they reap the resources. She broods and she plots. She wants vengeance for the loss of Olian!

It will be important to keep a tab on this one


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