Miros Xvat

An "Inspired" from Sarlona that takes full advantage of a corrupt Silver Flame


HP: 81 (8 HD)
AC: 20 FF: 19 Touch: 11
Speed: 30 ft (20 ft w/ armor)
Fort +10 Ref +3 Will +12
Init: +1

Deep Crystal Falchion
Atk: 12/7 18-20 critical
DMG: 2D4 + 7 (spend 2 pp deal an extra 2d6)
light crossbow
Atk: 17 19-20 critical

Special qualities: 8 Power points, Furious Counter Strike, steely resolve 15, smite evil 1/day, Maneuvers, Miros has special qualities while possessed by a kalaraq quori see page 53 of dragon magazine 324.

Stances – Iron Guards Glare
– Martial Spirit
– Tactics of the wolf
Strike – Bone Crusher
– Battle Leaders Charge
– Divine Surge
– Crusaders Strike
– Tactical Strike
Boost – White Ravens Tactics

Notable feats: Power Attack, psionic weapon, instant clarity, and deep impact.

p. Miros Xvat is an “Inspired” from Sarlona. Unknown to most of the world, the inspired are known as empty vessels and can be freely possessed by the Quori. In an attempt to take over the world they placed one of their empty vessels in heart of Thrane and had him join the ranks of the silver flame. With Miros’s stunning charisma (Which is amplified by the Quori that possess him) he has moved swiftly up the ranks with in the silver flame. Currently he holds a captain position working directly for the keeper of the flame. p. The Outer-planar creatures known as the Quori believe that this uprising religion will be a great way to control the continent of Khorvaire. Miros is just the start for a larger plan of world domination.

Miros Xvat

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