Olian The Great Pine

A powerful Treant Druid who leads all the druids of the Eldreen Reaches


lvl 20 Druid


Oalian Worked with Merrix D Cannith in the transformation into Pasta Delachini. He supports the same cause as Pasta because the final result would be a unified continent that will be prepared to battle against the aberrations of Xoriat that was fought off thousands of years ago. Oalian has been in the same place for a similar time span using his roots to imprison a powerful Daelkyr named Dyrrn. When he loosened his roots to allow access for the stormbringers he opened himself up for an attack. Embedded in his roots was a cannon of Chaotic energy. When he loosened his hold on Dyrrn he fired a volley of Chaotic energy into the heart of Olian. The great pine could not leave his position or he would create an escape for Dyrrn. Instead he sacrificed himself in hopes that the Stormbringers could finish the daelkyr off for good. Upon his death he gave his title to his most devote follower. A shifter druid named Marrow.

Olian The Great Pine

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