Ortega Decanto

A House Deneith Dragoon who sees an oppurtunity for the Galifar throne and will stop at nothing to get it.

  • House Deneith’s Shadow, Reborn*

Ortega Decanto D’Deneith started out as an up and coming soldier in House Deneith’s Blade faction. However Ortega never developed a dragonmark like many of his other brothers and sisters and was teased. Some joked that he was “lost within the lineage” and “had no soul”. Tired of put downs and uneventful missions through the Blades faction Ortega simply shirked off his responsibilities and hit the road as a renegade adventurer.

It was on this road that Ortega met up with his now only true friend, Wallok. A monk from a mysterious monastery. Wallok’s quiet and subtle approach to combat was a nice compliment to the brutish methods Ortega employed. Ortega speaks loudly and carries a big spear, while Wallok poisons the drinking water; all for a good pay check in the end.

Future Plans to Obtain the Thrown
- I am hoping there are three bodies in this super bag of holding; Durm,
Ragnarok (Rancorn), and the Lord of Blades.
– The lord of blades needs to be reincarnated, if the crazy animal woman
is willing to do it (roll randomly).
– Both Ragnarok and the LOB need to be put up to trial at house Deneith
– Wallock needs to go to Thrane immediately. (More info later on the sly)
– The wizards at the Enclave need to be paid. They can also have Durm for
study purposes. Find a weakness to powerful abominations.
– More wizards will need to be charted by the Enclave to support the
Denieth combat inititive when this disaster hits landfall.
– Report in to House Deneith with my 6 surviving soldiers to debrief on
the mission and make further demands and expectations from house Deneith.
Ortega will need to organize much more troops than before for evacuation
methods. Just like what was done when Reshar combed the land but on a larger
scale. Ortega will head this effort. Ortega is not forfeiting the House
Denieth Rings since he is now the self proclaimed Chimera Champion.
– Everything needs to be dipped in cold iron.
– Negotiation talks begin with Cyree. Ortega has a solution for many of
the displaced refugees, and can find them suitable land to make their own.

Ortega Decanto

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