A follower, a warforged who is arguably the most powerful psionic shaper in Khorvaire.


HP: 116 (13 HD)
AC: 24 FF: 19 Touch: 11
Speed: 30 ft (20 ft w/ armor)
Fort +11 Ref +7 Will +12
Init: +1

Astral Construct
HP:101 (13 HD)
AC: 27 Touch 10 FF 26
Speed: 40 Ft
Fort +4 Ref +5 Will +4
Slam +15 (power attack included)
DMG: 1D8 + 31 and Trip +16
SQ: DR 10/magic, Dark-vision 60 ft, Always invisible

POWERS 215 pp
1st – Entangling Ectoplasm, Force Screen, My light, Skate, Astral Construct
2nd – Body Equilibrium, Concussion Blast, Damp Blast, Psionic Repair
3rd – Eradicate Invisibility, Concealing Amorpha Greater, EctoPlasmic Cocoon, Time Hop
4th – Ecto Wall, Burrowing Bonds, Fabricate, Freedom of Movement
5th – Incarnate, Power Resistance, True Seeing, Plane Shift
6th – Temporal Acceleration, Crystalize, Fabricate Greater
7th – Ectoplasmic Cocoon Mass

Notable Feats Quicken Power, Extend Power


Worked in an rival party of evil leaving the stormbringers for dead in xendrik

Worked for the lord of blades to brainwash every warforged to eradicate fleshy races.

Served under the lord of blades and some operation with one of the lords of madness. Intentions unknown. When captured, no motives were expressed, just an interest in survival.

Ortega wants to strike a deal with this very much hated, and well justified, warforge.


Quest for the 9 Blades JonTowle