Reshar is the Master of Nine


Reshar is a hobgoblin warrior who has mastered all 9 disciplines. He was the most powerful creature on the planet. The storm-bringers and Delachini released him his tomb after discovering all 9 swords. Reshar was an aberration of his former self. He stormed out with little to say and made his way to Xendric. Eventually Pasta was unable to contact him through scrying when he was deep in the jungles of Xendric. When Dyrrn the corrupter was destroyed Reshar sent out a final message to those holding any of the 9 swords. “My freedom is brief so i must act swiftly, I will depart a bit of my ability into each of the 9 swords and then end my own life. My actions if I live will not be my own and I will not be a tool for an evil creatures use. I hope you are enough to stop this impending disaster”



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