The Bear of Breland


HP: 143 (14 HD)
AC: 27 FF: 27 Touch: 12
Speed: 30 ft
Fort +16 Ref +6 Will +13
-No autofail for rolling 1 on a fort save
-Roll 2 will saves and take the better of the two.
Init: 0

Unarmed Attacks
Atk: 20/15/10
DMG: D10 + 10
Atk: 20/15/10 (Touch, +19 to trip)
DMG: D10 + 14 (Knock creature prone and move creature same size or smaller to any square adjacent to Zangief,x2 if result is 10 or more, x3 if 20 or more)
Atk: 20/15/10 (touch, +38/32/28 to grapple checks)
DMG: D10 + 10
Kukri +1 Keen
Atk: 21/16/11 (15-20 critical)
Dmg: D6 + 9
Spear +1 Distance
Atk: 13 40ft (x3 critical)
DMG: D12 + 9

Special Qualities: Powerful Build, 1/day re roll any strength or grapple check, Wall Jumper, Back on your feet,

Notable feats: Superior Combat Expertise, Die-Hard


Zangief is considered the best wrestler in the world. Tales of his quests are known throughout the land. He has retired and opened up a Bar in his home town Sharn called the Bear’s Den.


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