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  • Zangief

    Zangief is considered the best wrestler in the world. Tales of his quests are known throughout the land. He has retired and opened up a Bar in his home town Sharn called the Bear's Den.

  • Grizzerithk

    This Powerful Telepath mind Flayer was working directly for Durrn the Corruptor. Almost on the same power level as the weakened Durrn The Lord of Madness. With a few more powerful Thralls he would have try and over thrown his Chaotic master. He thought …

  • Sovalom d Lyrandar

    Daring, Elusive, and Charming Sovalom D'Lyrandar makes for a perfect sky pirate. His ship serves as the base of operations for Silver Flame Fanatics "Defenders of Justice" as Sovalom himself has taken a much more serious look at the religion recently. …

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