Levels 1-5

Stormbringers list of events from level 1 – 5

- Take Job to defend Zangief’s bar. Fight breaks out and they accidentally stumble upon and retrieve the Desert Wind

- Invited to work for pasta Delachini. Pirate battle on airship. Success earns the trust from Pasta Delachini. Shows them the untouchable artifact they found in the frostfell.

- Direct challenge to the ice statue of a dward was the answer to the puzzle. Sovolom entered single combat and obtained the Supernal Clarity.

- Asked to go to Aerenal and heal a rift into Xoriat (Plane of Madness). It is a bargain Pasta worked out with Olian in order to Exchange the Tiger Fang for Pasta’s services. Mission succeeded and the storm-bringers obtained the third sword.

- Pasta, Wallock, and Ortega are looking for another sword they believe is in the frostfells. Mean while the storm-Bringers are asked to attend Morgrave University. The goal is to become friends with Professor Gash Durkatt who will be leading an exploration into Xendric to study an old goblin tribe who moved there during the Planar breach of Xoriat a Thousand years ago.

- Comander Dulan contacts Justice and asks him to investigate a silver flame church. A successful exorcism and mauling of the Quori saved the church and father Omara. Waiting for them after was an ambush. An old group Drakut used to role with named the hangmen wanted revenge for the death of a sibling. There was no revenge. (note a sick move: An Ally breaks a window that a tiefling is using spider climb on. During the teiflings descent Sovolom uses his lesser mark of storm to blow the teifling out the window to plummet into the depths of Sharn.)

- House Lyrander has Sovolom retrieve a stolen elemental wheel. Liza is the thief and she causes some damage but the item is recoverd and she escapes.

- A long voyage takes place from Sharn to Xendric. The storm bringers are on board as students. Here is a list of the body guards and other notable characters.

o Liza – Master Thief (Body Guard)

o Aramon – Beast trainer (Body Guard)

o Ragnaroc – Psionic Shaper (Body Guard)

o Miros Xvat – Crusader of the silver flame (Body Guard)

o Sting – Poison Dealer

o Bilbo – Recorder

o Ghash Durkatt – Lead Explorer and Goblin Historian

- With the help of the storm bringers the body guards successfully saved the ship from a turtle dragon and successfully docked at StormReach.

- The exploring team traveled down river for 3 weeks into Xendric’s deep jungles until they discovered the settlement of goblins that settled there 1000 years ago. The storm-bringers go down separate paths in the cyclopean temple.

- The Storm bringers are duped by the body guards. They are left with an ambush of feral goblins. Before they realize they have been double crossed it was too late. They were stranded with no guides in the toughest jungle on the planet. But they had discovered the Umbral Awn.

- After many encounters and losing most of the students to disease and predators the party including Gash Durkat and sting they were ambushed by a drow scout party. They managed to talk their way into getting assistance on how to leave the jungle.

- Justice is killed and given an artifact that brought him back to life. Everyone else played a card game. List of notable things that happened from the card game.

o Drakut entered a secret pact with the demon lord on the plane of war. He also had to enter single combat with the next monster he sees. (lost to a snake)

o Ifrit got 4 wishes

o Sovolom will have someone very close to him turn on him. Got a wraith that wanted to end his life.

o Gash Durkat lost intelligence and obtained his own castle.

o Sting gained 10 levels

- Take an underground train back to Storm-reach. Drakut made a controversial kill on a drow.

- The heroes return to Sharn

Levels 1-5

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