Levels 11-15

Stormbringers list of events from level 11 – 15

- Now that Khorvaire is safe Pasta and the Storm Bringers can get back to their original mission to collect the 9 swords.

- Olian The great pine sends off his greatest heroes to the frostfell to find another sword, the Unfettered.

- They come back with a sword and another hero (Adams Mystery Character)

- The Storm Bringers are hired again to find the last sword, The Even Tide’s Edge.

- Located in the Mansion of the power Fire Giant Mercenary Lord Gorodon. He is a collector of all things Xendric.

- The powerful Gordon is currently away and in his absence the heroes plan to obtain the blade.

- They battle warforge guards outside the main door and eventually find their way into the main entrance way.

- Apocalypse casts a growth power and an illusion spell and takes a seat in Gorodon’s Throne while the rest of the party waits for the arrival of some boisterous Minotaurs.

- Bump and Gruff and their squadron of Minotaur’s eventually find their way through the illusion like they when traveling through a maze (Minotaur’s have an uncanny knack for mazes). They set off bags of fog and ready for combat relying on scent.

- The battle is short lived for the minotaurs. They put a little scare on mercenary sorcerer who owed Content Not Found: Wallock a favor. Using their superior size and clever wits the minotaurs climbed on each other to reach the flying spell caster. It was not enough and the minotaurs were defeated.

- When the mist dispersed and the battle ended Apocalypse was missing. Despite the loss the Stormbringers sacked all three levels of the Barracks before Content Not Found: Gorodon came back. Drakut was killed by a War Troll. Rescued a Genie.

- The Stormbringers found the [[:Even Tide’s Edge]] in a horde guarded by a Eldritch Giant Tinker and his limbless de-fanged Gold Dragon slave. Content Not Found: Justice converted the the Giant to the silver flame. The Party used one wish in a deal with the Giant to replace the dragon with an Automaton that could do the same job for the dragon’s freedom. The second wish brought all the dragon’s limbs and teeth back. The final wish was used to bring Drakut back from the dead as Drakut the White. They would not see him until a few months later.

- 9 swords were placed into their correct spots and a thousand trap doors and a mechanical lift revealed a stone Content Not Found: Reshar. Pasta casted a stone to flesh and Reshar was back to life.

- Reshar had become a twisted version of himself and storm off without question. Wallok attepted a Death Attack but it was reversed onto himself and lucky for him it was just to paralyze.

- They scryed on Reshar as he traveled across Khorvaire and across the Ocean to Xendric. Eventually their scrying was blocked by the mysterious magic of Xendric.

-They studied for months to figure out what had happen and they came to the conclusion that he was twisted by Content Not Found: Dyrrn_ The Corrupter, A powerful Daelkyr that was trapped in the depths of Kyber. They also find out that the Druid who trapped him was Olian and that his roots hold him in place far below Eberron.

-To Release Content Not Found: Reshar_ from his hold they decide to make a quest to destroy Dyrrn. The Stormbringers destroy Dyrrn and his powerful allies. Drakut came back and was killed again. Olian could not take the struggle and was also killed. They learned that the silver flame was responsible for the destruction of Cyre. That Content Not Found: Dyrrn was the creator of the “bomb” but it was contracted and used by high ranking Silver Flame members.

- Reshar had momentary freedom and killed himself before he was consumed again by the abomination that controls his actions. Before he died he spoke through the 9 blades. Telling the holders that “My soul is bound to each blade and that you may need them against a terrible threat.”

- 6 months have gone by since that incident and nothing out of the ordinary has happened yet.

Levels 11-15

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