Levels 6-10

Stormbringers list of events from level 6 – 10

- The heroes return to Sharn

- Some Warforge have been not reporting to work

- They take the lighting rail to Thrane for Miros Xvat’s Funeral.

o The train is high-jacked

o They kill the high-jackers but are duped into handing a Xendric pillar to phony goodguys.

o Successfully get to Thrane.

- Pasta determines the location of another sword in Karnath, The Last Blade of the Citadel.

o Balok tricks the Stormbringers to slay a dragon war hero, Ramkilikin.

o The dragon had treasure but not the sword.

o The adventures discover the hidden goblin temple below the mansion. They are attacked by Balok, Karnath undead soldiers, Githzerai, and an Iron golem.

o The Storm bringers obtain the sword and return to Pasta Delachini.

- Sovelom’s cousin turns on him making him excoriated from House Lyandar after he was ratted out that he worked with Pasta Delachini. (Secret work with house Lyrandar and Pasta.)

- Wallock and Ortega retrieve the Kamate deep within Dargun

- Word has gotten to pasta that Halfling named Alton D Ghallanda is an explorer of the eldreen reaches and may have knowledge about where the Faithful Avenger may be.

- His entire apartment complex is controlled by mindflayers. The party saves the day and finds Alton’s files.

- The Storm-Bringers travel to the swamps in Storm Reach.

o Slay the aberrations

o Refurbish the seals

o Acquired the Faithful Avenger.

- The party returns to Sharn and completes a bunch of mini adventures

o Ifrit becomes a master alchemist after retrieving stolen goods

o Ifrit does security for a Lyrander loading dock.

o Drakut and Ifrit join the Boromon Clan and the party hunted down a were-gator named garn in Sharn’s sewers.

o Drakut is promoted for his great articles in the Sharn Inquistive

o Justice is given a badge of generosity for all if his donations

o Warforge are starting to disappear all over khorvaire.

- Sovolom has gone missing

- All Warforge have disappeared except for Justice. (people demand answers)

- Justice has a 3 month trial in thrane and they ruling is that he loses his title of knight templar of Sharn. The position is replaced by the mysterious Miros Xvat who has reappeared after being missing for more than a year.

- Ifrit is busy outside of Sharn joining in on a mindflayer kill crew with a bunch of adolescent githyanki.

- Drakut finds out he is in a pact that when he dies he will forever fight for the Demons on the plane of Shavarath. He is rewarded for this on the material plane with a worthy mount, a nightmare.

- Ifrit is able to plane shift and follows his dead master’s final note. He finds an intelligent Githyanki Silver sword that contains the soul of his master.

- The party sees Miros Xvat for questioning but it is a booby trap. They are sent plummeting to Sharn’s underdark. (Not the actual UnderDark)

o They find an old cult that is stripping away dragon marks using an eldritch machine.

o Sovalom is one of the people being tested on. The storm-bringers break the machine causing a huge explosion. Justice dies and Sovalom goes through a dramatic change where his dragon mark becomes wings of energy that allow him to fly.

o During his death Justice enters a sub consciousness within the headdress. In their are 5 ancient warforge. He finds out that this head dress was created by the DAL QUOR during their battle with the giants. The Dal Quor were looking for salvation and the Giants were trying to enslave them for the Psionic power. Warforge were constructed to protect the Dal Quor. (note: Quori go through a dramatic change every thousand years. They are not the benevolent creatures they once were.)

- Pasta Delachini requests the help of the Storm Bringers he is immediate danger. The missing warforge and any intelligent construct have been making their way into the mournland. The Lord of Blades is using the giant pillar he stole from the train to power an Eldritch Machine capable of controlling every intelligent War-forge on the planet. He believes that his first attack will be made on the new coming city of Cliff Water (A refuge for Cyre and anyone who is cast out.) Sure enough the attack hits Cliff water and an all out siege takes place. Cliff Water will not be able to hold its walls for too long and the party is asked to take bold action.

- Justice meets a Silver flame Legend “Sgt Rodgers.” He too was cast out from the church because of corrupt cardinals. Justice learned through Sgt Rodgers that he can still carry the valor and honor of the flame without being backed by corrupt cardinals.

- They plan to fly navigate the Mournland with an airship piloted by Sovelom. and the eventually find the Lord of Blades invisible Fortress.

- instead of walking in the front door our bold heroes do a drop in mission placing them close to the pillar.

- Waiting for them is an ocean of bladed warforge led by the psionic Ragnaroc.

- They eventually enter combat and through a miraculous turn of events defeat both Ragnaroc and the LOB (A golden snitch escapes from his chest and flies away)

- The War-forge are free and return to their homes.

- Now that Khorvaire is safe Pasta and the Storm Bringers can get back to their original mission to collect the 9 swords.

Levels 6-10

Quest for the 9 Blades JonTowle