The Stormbringers initially represented an eclectic group of adventures with all varying purposes and goals. The name of the group is supposed to represent the turmoil and trouble faced by opposing force of this adventuring guild while highlighting the involvement of house Lyrandar investment. Now house lyrandar denies any connection to the guild and the stormbringers serve mostly as Pasta Delachini’s acting hand, circling around the globe collecting swords in the hopes that world can find salvation.

This is a load of crap. In reality the Storm Bringers have been duped by undead terrorist Pasta Delachini. Now the world has never been in such extreme danger, and an apocalypse is about to unfold. In my opinion, all storm bringers are suspect of treason against humanity and should be brought directly to court!

A summary of the Storm Bringers

-Sharn Inquisitor


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