Sovalom d Lyrandar

Excorriated Sky Pirate of House Lyrandar


Sorcerer 4 / WarBlade 2 / Dragon Mark Sage 6

HD 4d4+2d12+6d6+48-6 (87hp)
AC 12 FF 10 Touch 12
Fort+11 Ref+6 Will+7
Supernal Clarity+2 Keen Rapier+14/9 (d8+4 15-20)
Attack Options: Spring Attack, Arcane Wrath (swift, expend spell receive +4attack and +1d10/spell level); Empowering Strike (After landing a successful maneuver, next spell is empowered, once/encounter)
Concentration + 19 Nobility + 19 Arcana + 14 Bluff + 21, Jump + 4, Intimidate +8, Diplomacy + 8, Tumble + 4

Dragon Marked Sorcerer, Mobility, Spring Attack, Improved Caster, Extend Spell, Weapon Focus, Action Surge

St 14 Cn 19 Dx 14 In 13 Wis 12 Ch 22

familiar, battle clarity, (replaced with a feat)uncanny dodge, weapon aptitude, arcane wrath, rite of waking, mystic phoenix stance,following are replaced with Sage Respect( acts as favored in house feat for other houses. -4 penalty) empowering strike, Dragon mark stance (Use Cha for attack and damage and to discern maneuver effects, replacing str. All dragon marked spells have a +3 caster level), Dragon mark Master (Can locate closest dragon marked creature concentrate or one minute. Can initiate other dragon marker sage’s)

Supernal Clarity Powers
+1 attack with Diamond Mind maneuvers, 3/day Concentration for balance checks, bonus spell haste


Insightful Strike
Sapphire Nightmare Blade 5/day,
Action Before Thought
Moment of Perfect Clarity
Emerald Razor
Bounding Assault
Disrupting Blow

Stance of Clarity
Hearing the Air

Spells Dragon Marked Sorcerer
Caster Level 12
Spells per Day 6/8/8/6/4
Spells Known 8/5/3/2/1 +Dragon Mark Spells

0 Level Spells
Arcane Mark
Acid Splash
Read Magic
Detect Magic
Open Close

1st Level Spells
Endure Elements
Magic Missle
Ray of Enfeeblement
Silent Image

2nd Level Spells
Fog Cloud
Gust of Wind
Melf’s Acid Arrow
False life

3rd Level Spells
Lightning Bolt
Sleet Storm
Winds Favor
Wind Wall

4th Level Spells
Dimension Door

Control Winds
Control Weather


Daring, Elusive, and Charming Sovalom D’Lyrandar makes for a perfect sky pirate. His ship serves as the base of operations for Silver Flame Fanatics “Defenders of Justice” as Sovalom himself has taken a much more serious look at the religion recently.

With the end of the world coming so rapidly Sovalom’s methods have become wreckless as he quickly travels through guarded shipping lanes to help in the defense of Eberon.

Personally he is very good friends to Ifrit, Justice, and Sting.

He closely guards and wields the supernal clarity, a sword that reflects the diomond mind style. A style Sovalom has self titled himself as a master of.

Sovalom d Lyrandar

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