His trade is death


HP: 98 (14 HD)
AC: 23 FF: 22 Touch: 12
Speed: 55 ft
Fort 9 Ref +10 Will +12 (4 against poison and +2 against enchantments)
Init: +1

Unarmed Attacks +1 Wounding
Atk: 14/9 (Flurry and Snap Kick 11/11/6/11)
DMG: 2D8 + 4 + 1con (Snap Kick 2D8 + 2 + 1con) Sneak attack is ongoing 1 and 3d6.
Shurikens MW
Atk: 12/12/7
DMG: D2 + 3

Special Qualities: Trap Finding (BONUS),Evasion, Slow Fall 30ft, Poison Use, Sneak Attack 4D6, Purity of Body, Poison Use, Improved Uncanny Dodge (Lvl 8), 10/Day Stunning Fist DC 22 (24 w/ S.A.), Death Attack DC 25, Hide in plain sight.

Feats: Blind Fight, Combat Expertise, Dash, Deflect Arrows, Aesthetic Rogue, Snap Kick, Deft Strike, Arterial Strike.

1st x5 – True Strike, Distract Assailant, Critical Strike, Ebony Eyes
2nd x8 – Wraith Strike, Invisibility, Invisibility Swift, Darkness
3rd x4 – Amorphous Form, Deeper Darkness, False Life, Non Detection
4th x2 – Sniper’s Eye, Cursed Blade

Skills: Bal +14, Cft poison +20, DD +22, EsArt +12, Hide +18, Jmp +33, Listen +24, MS +18, Search +22, Spt +27, Tmb +18, UMD +22

poisons: x4 Dragon Bile, X4 Wyvern Poison, 3 Purple Worm

Magic Items: Bag of Holding, Goggles of Darkvision, Monks Belt, Ring of Wizardry II, Ring of Feather Fall, Bracers of Armor, Staff of healing, Int Slippers of Spider Climb (LN Int 14 wis 14 cha 10 Ego 6: Common, aquan, Auran, Telepathy, Tremorsense 120 ft, Intimidate +10 Listen +12)

Potions: Cure Light, Holy Flask, Jump Potion, nuetralize poison, levitate, Greater Mgc Wpn +2

Mundane: Rope, Grappling Hook, MW Caltrops, Rations, Lantern, MW shurikens, 10ft pole, Bag of flour

Scrolls: Perm Image, Comp Languages, Wind Wall, Cure Light

Wallok was by Master Gen at the Hidden Tome Monastary. He honed his skills and mental strength copying old texts and training in the mountainous terrain. One day he found an armored clad knight lying unconscious at the base of his monastary. He brought him in and alerted Master Gen. This near death knight was Ortega Decanto D Dennith, Wallok’s closest ally. Once his health was back Ortega explained that he has been on the hunt by his own house family. Master Gen told Ortega to take Wallok along with you so he may experience the outside world. The two did not get along well with Wallok’s strict regimen and Ortega’s Attitude. Eventually they went their own ways. Wallok’s lack of knowledge in the outside world caused him to be captured by Hob Goblin Slavers. His skills did not go unnoticed though and he was kidnapped again by a secret goblin monastery called Gah Narrah (Rough translation: Touch of the Slow Death). The group was named for its devious combat move that left its victims to bleed out after the attack. Wallok was unresponsive at first but as he watched he realized the effectiveness of their style. Eventually he was consumed by it. His thirst for knowledge caused him to preform grievous training sessions that left his trainers exhausted. When their was nothing left to be learned he tried to leave the group. Gah Norrah has no out and they ambushed him after his leaving. Wallok had become too powerful. His combination of Sheer intelligence and decisive attacks left the Gah Norrah no chance. The goblins of Gah Norrah are still goblins at heart. They no longer chased after Wallok. Instead they deny he ever existed. Wallok and Ortega’s paths crossed again at a tavern where a drugged Ortega was about to be dispatched by a house Thuranni Assassin. The enchanting elf had Ortega fooled and he was about to drink his life away until Wallok assassinated the feeble elf (-2 con…embarrassing). This caused an intoxicated Ortega enter a drunken rage. The bar was turned upside down but Wallok slipped out quickly. The next morning Wallok met up with the hungover Ortega and explained what happened the night before. Ortega knew this dark monk could be a powerful ally and surprisingly convinced Wallok to team up again. Wallok soon found respect in Ortega’s combat and likewise even though neither of them mentioned it. The two dynamic personalities worked perfect together. The boisterous Dragoon made for a mighty distraction while Wallok prepared his attacks and waited for a decisive blow. The two went on adventures and put their entire trust in each other despite their uneasy attitudes they display. Currently the two have been hired by Pasta Delachini to be his right hand men.


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