Great Pine's Cancer

The roots of madness run deep.

He never enjoyed traveling to the Reaches and even further disliked dealing with the old pine Olian. Ortega Decanto D’Deneith is a man of the battle field, hardened through countless skirmishes against various enemies. Potentially everyone is his enemy if the price fits; and when the jobs are fronted by Pasta Delachini the price always does seem to fit.

Although this job was different, this was about preventing global destruction; Ortega and the other members of a team titled the “Storm Bringers” were to journey into the Great Pine’s roots and go face to face with a creature of sheer madness, capable of transforming reality itself into its own perverted creation. The very act of preventing this Lord of Madness’ escape was the very reason Olian is slipping to death. “What a comfort” Ortega would think with that old tree bear cut down. “How much would that wood sell for?” He’d ask himself.

Ortega liked the looks of his party though, the Stalwart Warforged Justice, Ifrit an extra-planar githyanki sword master, the born again Drakut, and Ortega’s ace in his sleeve the infamous assassin, Wallok. Overall the group is as stange as it gets but as efficient as 7 Dwarves Mining company.

Also with the group was some a small battalion of Deneith soldiers and a mini cabal of four wizards from the Enclave of Wizardy. Their prices were high, but Ortega managed to convince house Deneith to front all the bills.

Into the roots one could feel what sounded like a heavy heart beat of irregular rythem sounding off the walls. A deep bass sound that seemed far from natural. As they jornied further Wallok returned with his scouting information. A team of three illithids and some thralls were managing some eldricht device into Olian’s root system. “Is there a way around them” hoping ortega can let the mind flayers continue their devious work? but Wallok hinted that there was not, and by this time Ifrit developed a reckless fire in his eye that saw only one route. “I’m going directly in!” Ifrit stated. Drakut agreed, this dwarf was always antzy for a fight, except he usually wasn’t smiling; now Drakut smiled a lot… strange…

A rudementry tactical plan was developed but mostly it was shock trooper madness.

Wallok waited.

Get to the illithids and cut them down. However most attacks were deflected by psionic shields as the illithids worked in a maelstrom of psychic energy above them.

Wallok Waited.

Drakut goes and deal a grievous blow and cuts the master telepath ilithid right down the middle, tearing the creature into two perfect halves as its aberant organs splattered to the floor, or at least that is how Ortega remembers it, through some strange psionic trick, the deathblow became a wound, (a greivous wound though). Brain lunch by namesjames

Wallok Waited.

Ortega stood and watched for too long and the illithid somehow reminded the Dragoon of its previous injuries and bestwowed all its pain to him. A devilish trick, and Ortega could feel his life line thinning, heart beat weakening. Justice did what he could to maintain order, keep his allies alive.

Wallok Waited.

With a simple thought the telepath wished Drakut dead, and like that his heart stopped… dead
Justice, Ortega, and Ifrit fought on until the creature was near out of resources. He decided to casually flee.

From the shadows appeared a subtle combination of strikes, that delved past psychic blocks, and armors to strike specific vitals in a series of hits that quickly dismantles the circulatory and nervous systems. The creature tryed to look at his opponent that threw such feeble strikes, but it could not. He tried to breath, but it could not, it tried to live, and it could not. Dead the illithid fell.

The team gathered and pressed on not knowing what would be worst than this encounter. Ortega also calculated that his tag along soldiers and wizards would surely not survive this battle, but he needed them, their lives were expendable when it comes to service for House Deneith.

Great Pine's Cancer

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